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Product ID #071896-000887
Simply Cookies
List price : $ 20.00
Price : $ 5.00
Simply Cookies
By Maria Christina Rago

Order now! Simply Cookies is a selective collection of 200 printable family recipes and American favorites offering step-by-step instructions and tips for each recipe as well as 30 minutes of related audio. Great for school bakesales, fundraisers, scouts, and gifts.

Written by Maria Christina Rago, an experienced cook, author, and homemaker. Simply Cookies is part of her collection of terrific, easy to make, traditional, must-know recipes.

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Almond Cookies
•Almond Cakes
•Almond Coconut Mounds
•Almond Cookies
•Almond Crescents
•Ginger Almond Cookies

American Regional Cookies
•Deep South Cookies
•Florida Cookies
•Hawaiian Bars
•New England Cookies
•New York Black and White Cookies
•Pennsylvania Dutch Cookies

Bar Cookies
•Apple and Nut Bars
•Brown Sugar Bars
•Chocolate Bars with Macadamia Nuts and White Chocolate Chips
•Chocolate Chip Pecan Blondies
•English Toffee Bars
•Lemon Butter Bar
•Lemon Squares
•Mint Bars
•Orange Bars
•Pecan Bars
•Walnut and Chocolate Bars

Basic Cookies
•8 in 1 Sugar Cookie
•Almond Sugar Cookies # 3 Basic Sugar Cookies with 7 Variations
•Basic Sugar Cookies with 7 Variations
•Brown Sugar Drop Cookies
•Butter Cookies
•Chewy Molasses Cookies
•Chocolate Nut and Chips # 7 of Basic Sugar Cookies with 7 Variations
•Coconut Cookies
•Ginger Sugar Cookies # 4 of Basic Sugar Cookies with 7 Variations
•Lemon Sugar Cookies
•Lemon Sugar Cookies # 2 of Basic Sugar Cookies with 7 Variations
•Mocha Sugar Cookies # 6 Basic Sugar Cookies with 7 Variations
•Sugar Cookies
•Thumbprint Cookies # 1 Basic Sugar Cookies with 7 Variations

Biscotti Cookies
•Biscotti Mix in a Jar
•Biscotti with Honey
•Pistachio and Cranberry Biscotti

•Brownies with Chocolate Pieces
•Butterscotch Brownies
•Carmel Pecan Brownies
•Chunky Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate Chip
•Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookie
•Big Boy Cookies
•Chocolate Chip and Peppermint Crackles
•Chocolate Chip Cookies
•Chocolate Chop Sugar Cookies # 5 of Basic Sugar Cookies with 7 Variations

Chocolate Cookies
•Adult Pleaser Crunchy Chocolate Cookies
•Chewy Chocolate Cookies
•Chocolate Kisses
•Chocolate Mint Sugar Cookie Drops
•Chocolate Sugar Cookies
•Heartbreak Chocolate Cookies
•Rich Chocolate Cookies

Cookies from Around the World
•Barfi Indian Bar Cookies
•Jewish Butter Cookies
•Lime Cookies from Cuba
•Mexican Wedding Cake Cookies
•Oriental Almond Cookies
•White Cookies from Australia

Cookies in Jars
•Best Cookie Mix in a Jar
•Brownie Mix in a Jar
•Candy Coated Mix in a Jar
•Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix in a Jar
•Chocolate Cookie Mix in a Jar
•Cookie and Brownie Mix in a Jar for Gifts
•Oatmeal Cookies in a Jar
•Snickerdoodles Mix in a Jar

Cookies with Fruits
•Cookies with Date Filling
•Date Balls
•Fig Lover Drop Cookies
•Pineapple Cookies

Cookies with Nuts
•Carmel Pecan Cookies
•Chocolate Filled Hazelnut Cookies
•Chocolate Nut Clusters
•Cookies with Peanuts and Chocolate
•Hazelnut Butter Cookies with Chocolate Chips
•Peanut Cookies
•Pignolia Cookies
•Pistachio Coin Cookies
•Pistachio Lime Cookies
•Sesame Lace

East European
•Czechoslovakian Cookies
•Hungarian Cookies
•Rumanian Honey Cookies
•Russian Chocolate Tea Biscuits

Fancy Cookies
•Acorn Cookies
•Black and White Cookies
•Chocolate Cigarette Cookies
•Lace Cookies with Orange and Pistachio
•Lavender Love Cookies
•Macaroons with Chocolate Dip
•Mocha Truffle Cookies
•Pastry Pinwheel Cookies with Jam
•Rich Carmel Cookies with Chocolate
•Rose Water Delights
•Sarah Bernhardts

Holiday Cookies
•Bon Bon Cookies
•Christmas Cookies
•Cranberry Cookies
•Easter Cookies
•Mincemeat Cookies
•Pumpkin Cookies
•Royal Icing
•Spanish Christmas Cookies
•Spice Cookies
•Spritz Holiday Cookies
•Stained Glass Window Ornament Cookies
•Sugar Cookie for Cutouts and Icing

Introduction, Ideas & Tips
•Cookie Baking Tips
•Cookie Magic and Their Makeup
•Cookie Overview
•Cookies and Their History!
•Equipment for Baking
•Expert Information about Making Cookies
•Holiday Baking
•How to Have a Christmas Cookie Exchange
•List of Basic Ingredients for Making Cookies

Italian Cookies
•Italian Holiday Cookies
•Italian Nut Cookies
•Italian Rainbow Cookies
•Ricotta Cheese Cookies

Kids Cookies
•Alphabet Cookies
•Chocolate Pretzels
•Do Not Eat Cookie Shape Decorations
•Easy Peanut Butter Cookies
•Energy Cookies
•Fortune Cookies
•Gingerbread Dough for a House
•Gingerbread Men
•Granola Peanut Cookies
•No Bake Marshmallow Chip Dreams
•No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies
•Peanut Butter Balls
•Peanut Butter Cookies
•Peanut Butter M and M Cookies
•Sand Tarts
•Sugar Cookies with Brown Sugar
•Thumbprint Cookies

Liquor Based Cookies
•Amaretti Cookies
•Anise Cookies
•Anisette Cookies
•Bourbon Balls
•Brandy Snaps
•Rum Truffle
•Sugar Cookies with Brandy

Meringue Cookies
•Meringue Cookies
•Meringue Kisses with Hazelnut

Oatmeal Cookies
•Oatmeal Chocolate Cookies
•Oatmeal Cookies
•Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Pastry Cookies
•Beirut Baklava

Refrigerator Cookies
•Brown Sugar Refrigerator Cookies
•Chocolate and Nut Refrigerator Cookies
•Refrigerator Almond Cakes

Swedish Cookies
•Swedish Butter Cookies
•Swedish Cream Wafers
•Swedish Pinwheel Cookies
•Swedish Vanilla Cookies

Tea Cookies
•Delicate Poppy Seed and Allspice Wafers
•English Tea Cookies
•Grandma Maggio
•Mint Cookies
•Molasses Cookies
•Molasses Honey and Spice Cookie
•Old Fashioned Molasses Cookies
•Pinwheel Cookies
•Poppy Seed Cookies
•Shortbread Cookies
•Soft Sugar Cookies
•Tea Cookies
•Toffee Cookies

Vienna Cookies
•Vienna Crescents
•Viennese Filled Cookies
•Viennese Shortcakes

Western European
•Baster Brunsli
•French Roof Cookies
•German Spice Cookies
•Linzer Cookies
•Palmiers or Many Leaves
•Scotch Lace
•Scotch Shortbread
•Swiss Sandwich Cookies
•Welsh Scones
•Windmill Cookies

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